The top 5 tips for saving for fashion winter

Airy shoes, tops and dresses have long made room for cosy sweaters, cardigans and scarves. However, beware because in winter must not be relegated to the basement all summer clothes. When you combine hot pants and mini skirt right, you can put a great winter outfit in a moment.

Winter trends

Each season they are back: The latest trends and styling suggestions of fashion designers from Paris, Milan and New York. In addition, they determine the current collections in the fashion shops. What in the cool winter months should be in every wardrobe?

• Quilt pattern: whether on sweaters, jackets or skirts, the waffle structure is trend
• Knit with glitter: best coarse mesh knit, everything sparkles, makes now particularly well
• Red: the colour of love and passion cannot be missing this winter
• Gloss and glitter: gold, silver, sequins, ornaments – the main thing it shines and illuminates

To dress trendy, does not mean that you have to spend a small fortune. Here are a few tips on how you can zip and still low by the current fashion winter boots.

Shopper Discounts are not necessarily mutually

Trends are trends

They come, go, and come again. Everyone wants a completely new wardrobe, but it is rather expensive. In addition, that is not necessary, because with just a few little tricks you can dress trendy without letting the glow Credit Card:

Early shopping

The trends for next season have been determined in the previous year. It is useful not only in December, when it is cold and you cannot step outside without a coat to increase the winter clothes. Those who are informed in advance of the coming trends can already get hold of parts reduced in the preseason for the winter.

Use coupons

Anyone inclined to shop around online, benefiting more than once. Firstly, it will save you long queues at tills and changing rooms. In addition, the ordered goods are delivered to home. If you are smart, uses before each shopping on the net coupon codes. Therefore, there is at least one discount or saving the shipping costs.

From Old to New

All trends eventually come back. Therefore, you can keep quiet times some clothes and accessories. Who would have thought, for example, that shoulder pads and neon leggings would suddenly be so hip? You can also easily combine the old parts with new accessories.