Fashion Clothes – Which are the best?

Empire dresses

Empire dresses have become in recent years the most popular dresses. Its first phase trend they had in the 18th Century. Whether with little puffed sleeves or long sleeves, a festive evening gown or sassy summer dress, Empire dresses are in principle available to every woman, but the breasts should not be too large. Slim-fitting empire dresses look only at petite women really good.

Balloon dresses

After its first phase trend in the eighties, they disappeared from the scene. Well balloon dresses are back and present from freaking out to everyday use. What is a balloon dress depends entirely on cutting, processing and colour. Who has a little more on the hips, should renounce dresses with additional ruffles and keep the look simple.

Blouses dresses

Looks like the top of a shirt, but the hip down to the dress. The button placket stretches the body and thus flatters almost every figure. Whether straight or circle skirt, colourful prints or solid-colour elegance – the last few seasons celebrate classic dresses a brilliant comeback trend with leggings, ballet flats or boots. In addition, to whom we owe this convenient all-rounder with style? Coco Chanel of course!

Baby doll dresses

They are perfect to hide a tummy, can be worn casually and look cute. No wonder that women love baby doll dresses. The lords of creation show of these dresses usually not quite as thrilled – maybe they have to exert their imagination for the Underneath at such a dress more than cover babydoll dresses, rather than to stress.

Work Dresses

The sheath dress, also called shift dress, the first time was in the 1930-s in fashion. Without waist seams and a figure-hugging cut, particularly it is the epitome of simple elegance. Audrey is an icon of Hebpurn Etuikleides; Michelle Obama can revive these dresses trend today. Whether a business dress or evening gown – a shift dress has always stylish – but does not forgive any excess fat.

Mini Dress

Who takes on the short dresses, needs perfect legs and a confident attitude – otherwise the appearance in the short dress is fast becoming the embarrassing pose.