Fashion Clothes: Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a delicate matter – a personal view

The fashion life remains unfair. Since there are people who slip feather in a skin-tight tube, as it was a baggy pant and see them in their skinny jeans still so damn crisp and sexy, so that anyone who is not blessed with a match-thighs, must be bad, especially if you don’t use chair cleaners.

The tube – it fits!

First danced skinny jeans the late 70-s to the fashionable parquet and had only one goal: the closer the better. At that time, the tube was cut skin-tight jeans on the entire length; current passport forms are better adapted to the body proportions, sometimes the calf area extranet or slightly wider than the thigh. Anyone who thinks skinny jeans do not fit, which should definitely try out different models – a slightly different interface can be just the right choice. Attention, skinny jeans are not to be confused with jeggings and have now made the leggings to the lower ranks of the fashion.

Skinny jeans

Fashion professionals proclaim again and again the end of the tube trends, but the skinny jeans is part of many wardrobes. No wonder the jeans not only conjures a crisp figure, but can be done with simple styling rules to transform and carry very different looks for many different occasions.

Who wears them?

The new fashion icon Dree Hemingway loves skinny jeans to check shirts or blazers noble, wide boleros and casual t-shirts. Heidi Klum still wearing her skinny jeans to mega high heels, which makes the extra-long legs. Actress Diane Kruger combined to dark tube sometimes even a dress and boots (high heel, of course). Lily Allen, British singer with feminine curves, wearing their skinny jeans with confidence.

How to combine skinny jeans?

Wide tops, oversized t-shirts, long shirts or blazers look to skinny jeans very well. Matching shoes are ballet flats (for long, not too strong legs), Roman sandals, sneakers naughty, rough boots, ankle boots and high heels. High heels to the tube – is sure to attract the eye and always looks very sexy, but perhaps not suitable for everyday wear. Who wears skinny jeans with high heels, you should make sure that the leg length of the jeans at least up to the pumps ranges, like longer. To flatter shoes to be handled skinny jeans for that matter. In addition, knee boots can be combined with the tube. However, top variants and boots in bright colours succumb to the fashionable knockout criteria.